MLM3 Pantomime Ministries

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Who is Rhonda

For the past twenty two years Rhonda Jones has been used by God to minister effectively to people of all creeds. She began her journey of ministry as a convert and active member of  the Morning Star Baptist church of Omaha Nebraska in 1993. From there God harnessed her creative energy and focused it on the arts, specifically pantomime. She is indeed anointed of God not only in the craft of pantomime but also as a teacher, speaker, author and poet. 

Rhonda has created mime teams of all ages. While in Nebraska, she conducted workshops with area churches and other organizations. At MSBC she was the creator of Gospel Thru the Arts which is still striving today. It consists of dance, mime, drama, poetry, puppets and many other art forms.
In 2006, Macedonian call ignited in the spirit of Rhonda to relocate to Dallas Texas. Though uncertain of what the Lord was planning, she was obedient to the leading of the Spirit and embarked upon another journey of faith. Arriving in Dallas, Texas she was lead to join the Potters House family under the great leadership of Bishop Thomas D. Jakes.
Unknowingly the Father had it orchestrated that she would be the Director of the Mime Ministry at the Potters House. She is also the founder of MLM3 (My Life is Ministry & Ministry is Mime). This ministry expresses the importance of a life that exudes ministry and godly living. In addition to spiritual growth, MLM3 also teaches mime choreography, make-up application, proper ministry attire, human video (without face paint) and how to render effective Gospel presentations. She has authored two books, Why Are You Still Single (From Heartbreak to Healing) and The Mime Book.  
God has been opening doors for Rhonda to minister in other great cities in the US. She was the Stage Manager for Sister Cantaloupe's Dallas Variety Shows and has been a guest on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show. Rhonda graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Masters in Christian Education. Her #1 love is Juvenile Prison Ministry of which she takes a van load of other gospel artists to Gainesville and Brownwood State Jail. Rhonda's charge is "go spread the gospel via the Arts!" #servant